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Solaire Online Casino: Responsible Gambling Policy

Solaire Online Casino is committed to providing players with a first-class entertainment experience while adhering to a responsible gambling policy. We understand that gambling can be an exciting pastime, but we also recognize the potential risks it can bring. To ensure that every player can enjoy the fun of the game while maintaining physical and mental health, we have a series of strict policies and measures in place.

Education and Awareness

We believe that education is the key to preventing gambling problems. Solaire Online Casino provides players with information and resources on responsible gambling through its website and various promotional channels. We encourage players to understand the potential risks of gambling and help them identify the early signs of problem gambling. This includes understanding the basics of gambling, reasonable betting strategies, and identifying the symptoms of gambling addiction.

Self-Limit Tools

To help players maintain control of their gambling behavior, Solaire Online Casino offers a series of self-limit tools. Players can set daily, weekly or monthly deposit limits through their account settings. In addition, players can set betting limits and game time limits to avoid the risk of excessive gambling. These tools are designed to help players stay rational in their entertainment and avoid financial losses due to impulsive betting.

Self-Exclusion Program

For players who need stricter control, Solaire Online Casino offers a self-exclusion program. Players can choose to temporarily or permanently close their accounts to prevent further gambling. We understand that this is an important protection for some players, so we provide a convenient self-exclusion option and provide support and resources to help them through this difficult period.

Support and Resources

Solaire Online Casino works with a number of professional organizations to provide players with support and consulting services for gambling problems. Our customer service team is professionally trained to identify potential gambling problems and provide relevant assistance to players in need. We also provide a variety of external resources and contact information to help players get more professional support.

Protection of Minors

We strictly prohibit minors from participating in any form of gambling activities. Solaire Online Casino uses advanced identity verification technology to ensure that all registered users are of legal age. We also remind parents and guardians to pay attention to protecting minors and preventing them from accessing online gambling platforms.

Fairness and Transparency

Solaire Online Casino is committed to keeping the game fair and transparent. All of our games are tested and certified by independent third-party organizations to ensure the randomness and fairness of the game results. In addition, we regularly review and update the game system to ensure that it operates transparently and fairly.


Solaire Online Casino's responsible gambling policy reflects our care and responsibility for our players. We are committed to providing players with a safe and healthy entertainment environment, allowing them to enjoy the fun of games while avoiding the potential risks of gambling. Through education, tool support and professional resources, we hope that every player can experience responsible entertainment fun at Solaire Online Casino. If you or your family and friends need help, please feel free to contact us, we will wholeheartedly provide you with support and help.